Vice Presidents

Vice President for Academic and Research

Ask any human being who graduated from a university anywhere in the world to tell you about the very first thesis based on research they’ve written! And everyone seems to remember that experience in detail, why?

Research ultimately boils down to an experience an individual goes through to discover a certain result and universities are nothing but atmospheres of experiences.

The University Of Hargeisa takes research very seriously; we not only view it as means of advancing the society but we view at the very core of everything we do.

Why is research so important? Why even do it?!

If you look at why research is important for the students who are attending this university you’ll see that almost everything they study in text books is based on observations derived from research.

If you look at why research is important for the staff you’ll discern that the more one seeks information about particular area the more sharp they become at that areas and so a professor or a staff member that is involved in a research matter will be much better equipped to teach students about that matter.

If you look at why research is important for the community you’ll recognize how many community based issues are just mere representations of the lack of information regarding those issues and how most of the times issues are overlooked and symptoms are solved, and so by knowing more, by knowing better can issues be solved.

At University Of Hargeisa we make certain that our research practices fulfill humanitarian and safety obligations, our research isn’t just centered on how to find new facts but we also make sure that our research’s approaches don’t inflict harm.

Our research policies and practices are always benchmarked for excellence because we believe that we are responsible for the information we produce and we are responsible for how that information impacts our people.

Our research programs are carried out in partnership with our staff and other universities on almost every spectrum of the world, our research supports community matters & innovation.

I’m proud of the work we have done so far and I’m proud of the work we’ll continue to do.


Mr. Sied Muhumed Jibril

Vice President for Academic and Research


Vice President for Administration and Development


The University Of Hargeisa is constantly developing at an unprecedented velocity, our entire processes and ways of working are developing to a bigger better state.

Our units inside of our physical plants are under constant reconstruction to ensure the safety and accommodation standards of our university, we believe that an educational/working environment should be like home that is why we’re always under self-inflicted pressure to have only the best of facilities.

We do our campus planning thoroughly to ensure that we take full advantage of our strategic location and the space we have available to us.

The University Of Hargeisa continues to uphold and adhere to healthy financial practices and to possess a capacity for growth. Here at UOH we believe that financial integrity is vital that is why we have put in place compliance mechanisms for the sound financial procedures that we abide by.

We believe that our employees are our assets not our burdens and we treat them as such, our human resources policy and plan encompasses a wide range of employee protection mechanisms and benefits.

We believe that through cooperation any party can get to their goals faster it is for that reason that we continue to establish local, national and international contractual agreements.

It is such an honor for me to be of service to my people and to protect their rights.


Mr. Mohamed Ali Hersi 

Vice Precedent Of Administration and Development